Psychological Perspective On The Prophecies Of Ezekiel

In a lengthy classic article1, H. Klostermann demonstrated by convincing and detailed scriptural analysis that Ezekiel suffered from temporary dumbness and Hemiplegia2.

Klostermann finds symptoms of these diseases in Ezekiel’s occasional dumbness (3:24-27; 24:25-27) and his lying alternatively on his left and his right side (4:4f), and makes a persuasive case for the pathological personality of the prophet. This analysis has been accepted and followed by many other scholars as well.

Thus serious doubts are raised on the genuineness of Ezekiel’s prophecies if it were examined from the psychological perspective. Psychological Perspective On The Prophecies of Ezekiel


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  2. The total paralysis of the arm, leg, and trunk on the same side of the body. []

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