The Expulsion Of Banu Al-Qurayzah

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The Conquest Of Khaybar And Of The Remaining Jewish Strongholds In Al Hijaz

Khaybar is an agricultural oasis situated approximately 165 kilometers to the north of Madinah, at an altitude of 850 m above sea level. It is the second largest Harrah in Arabia, after the Harrah Banu Salim. Khaybar enjoys fertile land and abundant water, hence it was famous for having many palm trees, apart from the corn and fruits it produced. For this reason it was known as the garden of the Hijaz, because of its fertility, impregnability, and livestock. There was a market place in Khaybar called Suq al Natah, which was guarded by the tribe of Ghatafan, who considered Khaybar to be within their borders. Because of its economic position, many merchants and craftsmen lived there, and there was much money-changing activity.