Response To “Is The Qur’an Corrupted? Biblical Characters In The Qur’an”

A response to the Christian missionary and polemicist, Jay Smith’s video, “Is The Qu’ran Corrupted? Biblical Characters in the Qu’ran” by Iqra Productions. This video will show that the sources that the Christian missionary Jay Smith uses are dubious, deceptive and have been dealt with extensively by Muslim scholars of the past. It also exposes the weaknesses of the Bible narratives and challenges the missionary to explain the similarities of the Bible narratives with earlier sources and texts.

Sources Of The Qur’an: Question For The Critics

It is known that the enemies of Islam, most especially the Christian missionaries, are unable to accept the reality of the Qur’an and its divine existence. Hence, they try to make excuses and their frequent clarion of despair is that the Qur’an was “plagiarised” from Judeo-Christian sources. This claim was repeated by Orientalists in the likes of Sale, Bell and Rodinson. Needless to mention, these rabble did not provide any proof for these accusations. Their claims, however, are happily picked up by the Christian missionaries who are still living in the past.