A Counter-Challenge to Sam Shamoun and the Christian Missionaries

A Counter-Challenge To Sam Shamoun And The Christian Missionaries

Recently Sam Shamoun, a well-known belligerent and provocative Christian missionary at Answering Islam, issued a challenge to Muslims to prove that Jesus (peace be upon him) did not claim to be God, as per the Qur’anic statement. It is obvious, however, that his demands are as preposterous as it is stupid. The Qur’an certainly quotes or paraphrases Jesus as saying that he is not God, but in Arabic. This is because the Qur’an has affirmed itself to be revealed in Arabic text, sent down to an Arab prophet, lest its audience uses the excuse that they will not be able to understand the Qur’an if were brought down in a foreign tongue.

Lessons In The Story Of Jesus, The Son Of Mary And His Most Blessed Mother

This great mission is that, among the major signs of the final Hour and among the keys of the huge deliverance that will dawn upon this Community of Islam there will come a time on this earth when the call to the pre-morning prayer will be raised in Damascus — at the white minaret East of Damascus; the imam will want to step forward to lead the prayer when – lo and behold! – the people will watch in astonishment while our liege-lord Jesus descends from the heaven, his two hands resting on the wings of the angels, his head seemingly dripping with water, wearing clothes which our liege-lord Muhammad — upon him blessings and peace — described in great detail. He said that the color of his clothes resembled saffron dye, as if his clothes had been dyed with saffron and wars. Our Prophet Muhammad – upon him blessings and peace – described for us the very appearance of the clothes in which Jesus would descend! Such vestimentary description signifies nothing other than additional emphasis on reflection, perception, and discernment (dhawq) for the meaning of our connection with this great master who was thus honored by his Lord.