Further Comments On “Ishmael Is Not The Father Of Muhammad” Revisited

This is a short response to the missionary’s ‘Ishmael Is Not the Father Of Muhammad’ Revisited. The basic premises of this travesty of the missionary claim has already been addressed in our original response. The reader is invited to read that response before delving deeper into the issue.

In this latest hilarity of their attempts to “sever” any genealogical bond between the Prophet Ishmael(P) and his descendant, Muhammad(P), this missionary has depended upon the so-called “contradiction” between the works of Ibn Kathir, Ibn Sa’ad and at-Tabari. Of course, it needs to be informed that a Muslim would never regard the works of these authors as truly infallible. This obsession with the need for “accurate data”, as the missionary is clearly diseased with, is hardly a matter of concern — much less a fundamental doctrine — for Muslims.

The missionary should be much more concerned with the genealogical difficulties that are found within the Bible1, a text which the missionary himself adhere and revere as the “Word of God”.

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As we have shown in our previous article, there is no doubt that the Arabs even before Muhammad(P) have always regarded themselves as the descendants of Ishmael(P). This traditional belief is also further reinforced by a genetic study recently conducted, in which it is ascertained that both Jews and Arabs share the same hereditary genes.

In the end, the only correct conclusion that can be surmised from the evidences shown is that:

“…both Arabs and Jews owe their genes to a common ancestor population that predated the Jewish religion.”2

And only God knows best!


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  2. The Times (9 May 2000), Jews and Arabs United by Genes, The Journal of Babylonian ExilArch [Online Document] []

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