Islam and the False Allegations of Atrocities

Islam And The False Allegations Of Atrocities

European criticism seems to have lost its sense of justice in dealing with the Prophet(P). All the rates of that criticism seem to be subject to the one consideration that whatever is unfavourable and damaging to the Prophet’s reputation must be accepted as true. For example, Answering Islam, a website which is full of lies and deception follows in this tradition as per the methods of their satanic apostle from Tarsus by collecting a series of so-called “assassination” orders. Not the least attempt has been made on their part to consider them critically before baselessly condemning a man who is looked upon as a model of virtue and kindness by 1.4 billion Muslims around the world.

Hans Küng

Hans Küng On “Is Muhammad A Prophet”?

The following is an excerpt taken from “Christianity and World Religions: Dialogue with Islam”, in Leonard Swidler (ed.), Muslims in Dialogue: The Evolution of A Dialogue, vol. 3 (The Edwin Mellen Press, 1992) by the Christian philosopher Hans Kung who conveys a Christian opinion on Prophet Muhammad (P). We do not neccessarily agree with everything that has been said here.

The Muslim Scholars Regarding The “Bewitchment” Of The Prophet Muhammad

The Muslim scholars hold three views with regard to this incident. The sorcery whom the Prophet (peace be upon him) was exposed to is merely a usual disease and a transient illness, this is possible in regard to the Prophets as is to any human being. It does not disprove prophethood or disturb the message or revelation. God the Exalted protected His Prophet from whatever interferes with the mission of conveying the message and from being killed, not from transient physical diseases.

peace be upon him

The Christian Missionaries And The “Mystery” Of Peace Be Upon Him

There is a common claim circulated in Christian Arab circles with regard to the beatific phrase sallallahu `alayhi was-sallam which comes as an eulogy to the Prophet’s name. It was first propagated in the English-speaking world by the Christian Arab missionary, Anis Shorrosh, who claims that this eulogy does not literally mean “peace be upon him” but “occurs in the Quranic text” and: …literally reads, “Lo! Allah and His angels pray upon the prophet. Oh yea who believe, pray on him and salute him with peace.”

In the usual vein of missionary tradition, Shorrosh goes on to take the opportunity to blaspheme and make mockery of Allah(T) by accusing Him of praying[!] to a subject, but we shall not bother to cite further from his blasphemous work. Other Christian Arab polemicists such as Labib Mikhail and the pseudonymous Abdullah Al-Araby soon followed suit.