Response To Jay Smith: “Biblical Characters In The Qur’an”

In summary, the videos will show that the claims made by the missionary Jay Smith are at best dubious, deceptive and have been dealt with extensively by Muslim scholars of the past. The problem is that Mr. Smith is aware of these facts, but chooses to ignore them. When it comes to the Qur’an he will transform into a liberal but when it comes to the Bible he will transform into a right-wing, conservative inerranist. This shows his own inconsistency in dealing with the issues present. If he was serious in the things he has to say about the Qur’an, then we wonder how he can still believe in the Bible as in inerrant document.

Response To “Is The Qur’an Corrupted? Biblical Characters In The Qur’an”

A response to the Christian missionary and polemicist, Jay Smith’s video, “Is The Qu’ran Corrupted? Biblical Characters in the Qu’ran” by Iqra Productions. This video will show that the sources that the Christian missionary Jay Smith uses are dubious, deceptive and have been dealt with extensively by Muslim scholars of the past. It also exposes the weaknesses of the Bible narratives and challenges the missionary to explain the similarities of the Bible narratives with earlier sources and texts.

Sura’ Al-Fatihah And The Missionary’s “Straight Path”

Some Christian missionaries have the inherent fantasy that Sura’ al-Fatihah (the first Sura’ of the Qur’an) somehow supports their false pagan doctrine of the Trinity. They will first cite the whole ayaat and then twist this interpretation to suit their false doctrine. Let us now deal with this latest polemic in the following paragraphs.

Hubal In The Worship Of Pre-Islamic Arab Consciousness

It has always been the missionary tradition to jump from one nefarious claim to another in trying to ascertain the nature of “Allah”. We have previously shown some of the more common theories that they propagate, ranging from Allah (T) being the “moon god” to Ar-Rahman being a term for “promeganate”. A recent missionary allegation has also been hurled against a beatific salutation of the Prophet Muhammad sallallah `alayhi wa sallam. Now a new postulation of the missionary has been made in their article, namely that “Allah” is synonymous with the god Hubal of the pagan Makkans!