Cosmology And The Holy Qur’an: A Response To Richard Carrier

This paper is intended to respond to atheistic criticism as proposed by Richard Carrier, in a rather large piece that is in my personal opinion and understanding, replete with errors and misunderstandings with regards to basic cosmological concepts, the Islamic viewpoint, as well as history. I also address a few polemics that were put forward by Freethought Mecca. Their article contains the particular objections that I shall address Insha’Allah, along with a spurious argument for Isaiah and then a few links to some other polemical sites; needless to say at least for now these few objections are the only ones that are relevant to this particular paper.


Ahad(un) And The Missionary’s Folly

Recently we were introduced to a new, amusing polemic by the missionaries, namely with regard to the word “ahad(un)”. To achieve this end, the missionaries cite an online text from a Christian Arab polemicist who claims that the word does not mean “one”, but “one of”. Is it true what they claim? We seek to answer this allegation in the following, insha’allah.