Qur’anic Commentary On Sura’ Al-Ikhlas (112)

The secret about Sura’ Al-Ikhlas is more than can meet the shallow thoughts of atheists and critics of Islam. This very short chapter contains in it the summary of many concepts that are to lead people to The One True God and to refute the misguided notions about God.
Although the Sura’ is very short, yet it re-stated the Original True Message of God that was sent to all His prophets from the beginning of creation and to correct the misguidance that built-up with time.

Qur’anic Commentary On Sura’ Az-Zukhruf (43): 63-64

The following is the reproduction of the translation of Qur’an 43:63-64 with the accompanying footnotes to the amazing consistency and parallelism with the Message which Jesus (P) had consistently preached as found in the current gospels. It is often the common missionary argument is that since the Qur’an is often found to “contradict” the Bible, it therefore follows that the Qur’an is wrong.

Sabaan Mina Al-Mathani: The Seven Which Are Often Repeated

In an article marked by a characteristically polemical style which is the hallmark of almost any writing to be found on Answering Islam, the author has exerted his utmost effort to prove that the reference in the Qur’an (15:87) to the “seven oft-repeated” is “an example of the Qur’an’s incompleteness and incoherence.” Additionally, the author imposes a restriction on his “Muslim readers” to prove, “by consulting the Qur’an alone”, what is meant by these seven oft-repeated. The author claims the appropriateness of this restriction by appealing to the Qur’anic verses 6:38 and 10:37, and their online commentary by “Pooya/M.A. Ali”.