The Conception Of Jesus & The Perverted Missionary Claims

The Christian missionaries are traditionally known for their blatant abuse and misinterpretations of the text of the noble Qur’an with the most disgusting and lurid interpretations imaginable. One particular missionary, Sam Shamoun, has continued this “fine” tradition of his predecessors by imposing his perverted and repulsive understanding of the conception of Jesus(P) on the Qur’anic text which describes the incident. Our attempt here is to refute this missionary from the exegetical and lexical sources made available to us, insha’allah.

Insights Into Sura’ At-Tauba

Surat-ul-Tauba which is the 9th Chapter of the Qur’an was revealed 15 months before the Prophet’s(P) demise. Before its revelation, Muslims used to follow a very wise policy, that is “If they charge thee with falsehood, say: my work to me, and yours to you ye are free from responsibility for what I do, and I for what ye do!” (Holy Qur’an 10:41). But the polytheists were not satisfied with this policy and they did not refrain from treacherous acts against Muslims, that was why the command to punish these groups came, and this is the discharge from God and His Apostle. Missionaries concentrate upon a piece of verse and ignore the rest of the passage.

When The Evangelist Becomes A Shaikh, The Angels Become Worshippers Of Adam

When the Evangelist becomes a Shaikh, the angels become polytheists, worshipping Adam instead of Allah. When the Evangelist becomes a Shaikh, the Nasikh becomes Mansukh, the Mutlaq becomes Muqayyad and the `Aamm becomes Makhsus, and vice-versa. Not that it is not hilarious to read for Evangelists-turned-Shaikhs. It is at the discovery of the level of horrific confusion and plain errors contained in the “fatawa” of the many Evangelists/Shaikhs who sprung up in recent years that intensifies one’s amazement and bafflement, especially noting the level of publicity the writings of the new Shaikhs receive in the western media.