The Consensus On Homosexuality And The Illiteracy Of Christian Polemicists

Among the most laughable arguments of Christian missionaries and atheists is their argument to show that Islam does not prohibit homosexuality and that it is permissible in Islam. This is indeed an ideal example of how ignorance and incompetence can make a person become a joke before his opponents. In order to dispel the Islamic illiteracy of these types of people, we are providing an educational guide to those who ignore that homosexuality is utterly prohibited and given the capital punishment in Islam.

Does Islam Require Four Witnesses For Rape?

Unfortunately for such people, this fallacy of equivocation has no basis in Islamic jurisdictions and the punishment for rape (which is defined as forced sexual intercourse) is certainly not equivalent to the punishment of adultery. Insha’allah, in what follows we aim to deal with this issue once and for all by breaking it down into several points so as to enable easy understanding.