Wood Chopped Down: The Information Superhighway And The Nonsense Of Christian Missionary Belligerence

From the beginning of Orientalism, the Christian missionaries have been assuming that Islam is “headless” enough to be attacked and scrutinised with a ferocity that one can only conclude borders on fanaticism. These missionaries proved then that they don’t have the brains to acknowledge their own headlessness. One such example is David Wood, a recent zealous recruit by the ever-intolerent Answering Islam, whose only amazing ability is his extreme belligerence, and what can only be described as fanatical intolerence, towards a faith different from his. This is a review of one such article.

The Dome Of The Rock (Qubbat As-Sakhra)

The most universally recognized symbol of Jerusalem is not a Jewish or Christian holy place but a Muslim one: the Dome of the Rock, or Qubbat as-Sakhra as it is known in Arabic. When people see its golden dome rising above the open expanse of Haram as-Shareef, they think of only one place in the world. The Dome of the Rock is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated and most remarkable monuments of early Islam, visited every year by thousands of pilgrims and tourists. It is Jerusalem’s answer to Paris’ Eiffel Tower, Rome’s St. Peter’s Square, London’s Big Ben and Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas twin towers; dazzling the minds of Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Dome of the Rock is Jerusalem.

When The Evangelist Becomes A Shaikh, The Angels Become Worshippers Of Adam

When the Evangelist becomes a Shaikh, the angels become polytheists, worshipping Adam instead of Allah. When the Evangelist becomes a Shaikh, the Nasikh becomes Mansukh, the Mutlaq becomes Muqayyad and the `Aamm becomes Makhsus, and vice-versa. Not that it is not hilarious to read for Evangelists-turned-Shaikhs. It is at the discovery of the level of horrific confusion and plain errors contained in the “fatawa” of the many Evangelists/Shaikhs who sprung up in recent years that intensifies one’s amazement and bafflement, especially noting the level of publicity the writings of the new Shaikhs receive in the western media.