Arguments for The Existence of God

Classical Islamic Arguments For The Existence Of God

After Wensinck’s brilliant study, a fresh examination of the argument for the existence of God in Islam might appear impertinent. Some justification for the present discussion, however, may be found in the fact that some of the material on which this study is based was not available to Wensinck, when his monograph appeared in 1936, and in the slightly different interpretation of certain relevant data here attempted.

Ali Sina Understanding Muhammad

Ali Sina’s “Understanding Muhammad: A Psychobiography”

For those who are familiar with “Faithfreedom International”, the name of its founder Ali Sina (a pseudonym) is synonymous with the bigotry and vile rhetoric often displayed against Muslims and Islam. He openly advocated for the atomic bomb to be used on Muslims and declared that he will “wipe out” Islam within 30 years.