Ignaz Goldziher On Islam & Christianity

The Hungarian Islamic Studies scholar of Jewish descent Ignaz Goldziher (1850–1921) is widely recognized as the founder (along with only two or three other scholars) of the scientific study of Islam in Europe. Goldziher undoubtedly has an enormous influence in the field of Islamic studies and practically everything he wrote between roughly 1870 and 1920 is still studied assiduously in universities throughout the world. Along with a tremendously busy schedule comprising of lecturing and composing scholarly works, Goldziher also kept a relatively personal record of his reflections, travel records and daily records. This journal was later published in German as “Tagebuch” ed. Alexander Scheiber (Leiden: Brill, 1978).

on the errors of the trinity

“On The Errors Of The Trinity” By Michael Servetus

Michael Servetus was born in Villaneueva in Spain in 1511. He was the son of the local judge. He lived at a time when there was unrest in the established Church, and in a period when everyone was questioning the nature of Christianity. As he grew older and more informed, the young Servetus was appalled by the shedding of blood by the Christians towards the Muslims and Jews.

John Biddle’s “Twelve Arguments Refuting The Deity Of The Holy Spirit”

John Biddle, the Father of Unitarianism in England, was born in 1615. He was a brilliant student and was described as a man who “outran his instructors and became tutor to himself”. He went to the University at Oxford n 1634, was made a B.A. in 1638 and an M.A. in 1641. After leaving Oxford, he was appointed as a teacher in Gloucester. It was here that he began to re-examine his religious views and began to doubt the validity of the doctrine of Trinity.